By Way Of Explanation

INSIDE MY RIGHT BRAIN grew out of INSIDE MY DESK, an eclectic Web Site I created in the early 00s. My first Web Site I built in the early 1990s when authoring packages did not yet exist. It was designed for a limited purpose: to give other scholars access to historical datasets & publications about those datasets.

INSIDE MY DESK incorporated HISTORYDATADESK, the original Web Site, but added many other pages of a more personal interest such as my travels, my addiction to museums & my reflections on life expressed in fictional & nonfictional formats. It is not solely a Left Hemisphere venture, but it has a certain “leftist” orientation.

The thinking behind INSIDE MY RIGHT BRAIN was, in accord [see above] with the popular dichotomy of Left, more logical, and Right, more creative, to let me feature what fascinates me about art, literature & related fields. My interest in the creative life was not a serendipitous moment in my senile years. I have long engaged in “right hemisphere” activities but, as I note in ME (that follows), most of my professional, working life was devoted to studying economic history (as a number-cruncher) & writing dense, data-filled and probably mighty-dull historical treatises. INSIDE MY RIGHT BRAIN is my attempt to bring into balance the right & left (not politically-speaking of course). Based upon what I’ve been reading I do not want to push the dichotomy too far, but I suspect, if you have read this far, you get the point.

[Many serious & humorous drawings, sketches, illustrations of the duality of the brain can be found on the Web. Just a sampling.]

[One of several renderings on my venturing Right by my son, a cartoonist, when asked to do some drawings for me]

[After retirement: My SkiBummery time at Lake Tahoe; my favorite café in Paris; my current sedate life in Ann Arbor. (No connection with University of Michigan except it allowed me a PhD)]

Read on, if you wish. What I’ve chosen & written will not change the world but might prove modestly entertaining, even edifying (dreamer I am.)